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Screenhero features

Screenhero is specifically tailored for effortless real-time collaboration

Multiple mouse cursors

You both have your own mouse cursor. Now both sides can switch seamlessly between driving and navigating, with zero cognitive overhead.

Voice chat

Effective collaboration requires being able to speak with your collaborator while you work together. Screenhero provides crisp, 48kHz audio with echo cancellation.

Lightning fast screen sharing

Screenhero provides the lowest latency screen sharing on the market, even at full resolutions. You feel like you are working at the same desk.

Cross platform

Screenhero is cross-platform, which means you can share between Mac and Windows (and any other future platforms). On Mac, we support: Mac OSX 10.8+, 10.9+. On Windows, we support: Windows 7 and 8 (8.1).


Security is important to us, and we know it's important to you. Your session is encrypted before leaving your computer using a peer-to-peer TLS scheme (SSL based), so only you and your collaborator can see the contents of the share.


Screenhero is able to establish a peer-to-peer connection ~92% of the time. The remaining 8% of the time, communication does pass through our secure servers — but when it does, it's already encrypted, so we can't read it.