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Screen sharing made for remote developers

Remote pair programming

Screenhero gives you low-lag screen sharing, multiple mouse cursors, and voice chat. You each get your own mouse cursor, and you're both always in control. It works with your favorite IDE, text editor, or app.

Debugging and troubleshooting

Become a hero in your team. Interactive screensharing is the best way to give help to a team member. Jump in with your own mouse and keyboard from half a world away.

Code reviews

Instantly present and discuss your code with others in your team. Spot and fix any problems right away. Review pull requests with the author and discuss in real time.

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"I'm in Boulder but come to SF fairly frequently for GitHub. I snapped up Screenhero because I'm constantly remote pairing."

Nathan Sobo


"Screenhero rocks for remote mentoring! I use it to pair program with my mentees, teach them how to effectively search through documentation and even navigate the command line."

Julia Grace

Head of Engineering

"This is the best paircoding tool I've used. Slaughters VNC any day."

Andy Zhang

Software Engineer