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Our mission is to help people to connect and work together in an instant, whether they’re sitting across the room from each other or on the other side of the globe.

Screenhero was born out of our own need to work with each other remotely, and we realized that the existing screensharing tools are meant for presentation, not collaboration. We took our experience building iTeleport, a top-selling remote desktop app for iOS and Mac, and built Screenhero from scratch. We've rethought the entire collaboration and real-time sharing experience from the ground up. We want Screenhero to make every one of our users feel like heroes.

San Francisco

6 team members


J Sherwani

CEO, Co-Founder

Vishal Kapur

CTO, Co-Founder

Jason DiCioccio

Dev, Co-Founder

Faraz Khan

Dev, Co-Founder

Pavel Macek


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