Screenhero is now in Slack

If you currently use Screenhero, you’ll need to migrate your team to Slack before December 1st, 2017. At that point, the stand-alone Screenhero app will no longer work — but you can enjoy the same features in Slack.

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Better than working in the same room

Collaborative screen sharing + Multiple mouse cursors + Voice chat

Screen sharing for collaboration in teams

Code with others remotely

You each get your own mouse cursor, and you're both always in control. Screenhero works with your favorite IDE and makes remote pair programming or debugging effortless. Learn more.

Iterate on designs effortlessly

Present ideas to your team, without sending files back and forth, and iterate on the designs together. Your teammates will love being able to point to visual elements with their own mouse cursor.

Get quick, instant help from your teammates

Forget scheduling a meeting with your teammates or walking to their desk. They can jump in, help you solve your problem, and jump out. Boom.

In fact, you can work on anything …

Write emails

Draft documents

Edit video

Browse the web

Work in any application

… together!

Thousands of teams working together anywhere


"I'm in Boulder but come to SF fairly frequently for GitHub. I snapped up Screenhero because I'm constantly remote pairing."

Nathan Sobo


"Screenhero rocks for remote mentoring! I use it to pair program with my mentees, teach them how to effectively search through documentation and even navigate the command line."

Julia Grace

Head of Engineering

"This is the best paircoding tool I've used. Slaughters VNC any day."

Andy Zhang

Software Engineer


Multiple mouse cursors

You both have your own mouse cursor, no need to negotiate control.

HD quality

Share any resolution screen, with crisp text and faithful color reproduction.

Voice chat

High quality voice chat makes working together effortless.

Cross platform

Screenhero supports both Windows and Mac.