pair programming

Screenhero makes remote pair programming just work

pair programming

Code with others in your IDE

Screenhero is awesome for code review and pair programming. With low-lag screen sharing and simultaneous control, both sides can switch seamlessly between driving and navigating, with zero overhead. Works with every IDE and text editor.

pair program

Cross-platform compatible

Screen share applications seamlessly between Mac and Windows. Send to your colleague on Windows 7, or Microsoft Visual Studio to your fellow dev running Mountain Lion.

pair programming

Use your existing environment

With Screenhero, you don't have to change how to work. Keep your development environment, including your IDE, shell, and monitor setup exactly as it is. Screenhero gets out of the way and lets you focus on working together and getting stuff done.

Thousands of individuals and teams have switched to Screenhero


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(Supported on Mac OS 10.6+ and Windows 7+)